14 thoughts on “Eva Newermann

    • Hi Sara, thank you for your nice words. I’ve also been blessed with two German Shepards(may they rest in peace) So enjoy your time with Boris 🐾🐾🐕 and good luck in New York, hugs Eva

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    • Hi Frank,and thank you for reading my site. Yes, the writing still goes well. I liked your story about all the things that can go wrong when we get old. That reminded me of a great movie: “Still Alice” Let’s hope we will stay well…


  1. Hi. I noticed your following my blog, which is a little surprising as (and i’m not being sexist) it’s something that i’ve always thought as being a male dominated area, but it’s nice to have such a talented person as yourself show some interested, thank you.


    • Well, you see, I figured with a name like oxford….you couldn’t be all bad, and you made me happy now, calling me talented 🇳🇴Greetings from Norway.


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