Universet som et Maleri


“Universet som et maleri” is a fun and easy to read children’s educational book about our Solar System written in Norwegian.

Written by Eva & Line Newermann.

The Norwegian version is available for free on the Apples iBooks store from 20 to 24th of each month in 2018.

It is available on the Apples iBooks store along with an English version of the book “The Universe a Work of Art”.

Available in Norwegian : English versions.

Forside     The Universe a Work of Art

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10 thoughts on “Universet som et Maleri

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  2. Hello. Your book reminds me of how I learned about the universe. We would stare at the night sky to search for the big dipper. Kids love learning even today and that’s good. Please come back and read more from my blogs. We can learn something new every day. Take care.


    • Hi, yes I like your blog. Nothing more fascinating than Cosmos. I have lectures in school teaching children about our universe. Greetings from Eva in Norway


  3. I admire children’s books authors and your artwork has a delightful appeal. I was high school history teacher 33 years, Miami. Florida, USA. The college bound exist but most of my teens were 2-4 years below grade level in reading and few could actually engage with text.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I do try to have a lot of humor in my books to get the children’s attention. Even my adult sci fi thriller is funny. I’ve visited Miami many times but I now live in Norway 🇳🇴


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