Drone Image: The Lysefjord Bridge


EnglishMy daughter Line Newermann, a Norwegian drone photographer, has taken this image of the Lysefjord Bridge. The Lysefjord is the fjord that the famous Pulpit Rock is located along. Drone: 3DR Solo, Camera: GoPro4Black


Datteren min Line Newermann, en norsk drone fotograf, har tatt dette bildet av Lysefjordbrua. Lysefjorden er den fjorden som Prekestolen ligger ved. Drone: 3DR Solo, Kamera: GoPro4Black

52 thoughts on “Drone Image: The Lysefjord Bridge

    • Most of the traffic comes from the large cruise ships that comes from all over the world. Unfortunately we are now experiencing pollution from them and the goverment are talking of restrictions


    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my parrot “Cosmo” I painted him a couple of months ago. I will use him in my new Ewa Lowe book, coming out next year. I always have a lot of my paintings in my books.


      • wow. I live in Milan and I think there are not such beautiful places here. I will follow you willingly. Yesterday I made a post on the New Zealand peninsula, let me know what you think. I suggested it because I saw you like beautiful places. good day

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