Ewa Lowe’s eyes challenge:


It seems like I have to help you guys a little, finding strange things with Ewa’s eyes.

When you paint eyes 👀 you usually put a tiny, single white highlight spot on top of the black pupil. I took it a little further and painted a little white airplane in her right eye and a bird in her left eye. You can only see it when you enlarge the painting.

She also has something called ; full heterochromia. What is that?

21 thoughts on “Ewa Lowe’s eyes challenge:

    • Yes! You are the first to answer and I will mail you for free two of my postcards. You can give me your address by using the Contact form.


  1. Fun idea, putting an airplane and a bird in the pupils instead of the usual white dot. And I could guess that heterochromia means different (hetero) colors (chromia) with the help of the obvious – her blue and green eye. Thanks for the follow, I appreciate it!


    • Hi Amanda, I’m glad you like my art. I loved the pictures of Norwegian Rosemaling that you have on your blog. I think I have to find the wooden shoes that I did some rosemaling on, long time ago. In my book “Fear is in the Air” I have many paintings, I hope you will download it (free) and take my Quiz. Greetings from Eva in Norway 🇳🇴


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