Ewa Lowe the Chupacabra


Acrylic painting by Eva Newermann

Like the Chupacabra,
my calling card is death!
Ewa Lowe



Ewa Lowe is a woman with a dark past, she is the main character, in the sci-fi thriller: Fear is in the Air.

I will regularly be posting a painting or image from the book, with some hints about what the book contains, here on my blog.

12 thoughts on “Ewa Lowe the Chupacabra

    • Yes, we wouldn’t like the chupacabra to visit us at the picnic! 🍇Glad I have lots of “nice” paintings,too. That should make your heart slow down…


    • Thank you! Fear is in the Air :free download, hope you will read it and tell me what you think😁 Greetings from Eva in Norway 🇳🇴


    • Hi Crystal, your other blog was great, too. Love your cat, Daisy Mae. My cat`s name is Nikita and she is 18 years young!


  1. What a great looking cat, if ‘he’ is a ‘she’ then do have her number? Whoops just thinking out loud, sorry.

    I dropped by to say than you so very much for following me. Being such a well brought up cat I raced over to your site, well after my weekend break, to thank you and to follow you in turn that’s when I saw your cat what a fine looking animal.

    I’m looking forward to many more posts from you, especially if they include more pictures of your cat.


    The Cat


    • Hmmm, I think me, the Chupacabra, would be a little too much for you well brought up cat to handle. But wait, I know there is a cute female cat named Nikita in my “mom`s children book: The univers a work of Art.”Sometimes Nikita pops up on the blog page too, smelling the flowers. So, check her out!


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