1000 Follows, Free Book and a Quiz



Hi Readers!

To celebrate my fantastic 1000 followers you can download for free on the Apples iBook store, from July 11 to the 31st,  my Ewa Lowe sci-fi thriller:

Fear is in the Air

Fear is in the Air


PS. Fear is in the Air, is also available on Amazon Kindle for a reduced price $2.49


Eva PostersAnd, let’s have some fun with a Quiz from the book.

I will pick out, at random, two people who answers the below questions correctly. Who will get one of my two posters mailed to them, free of charge.

You can take a look at the posters at my For Sale page.

The Quiz will be closed on the 15 th of August 2018, and two lucky persons will get to choose between the two portraits.




  1. What is the name of Ewa Lowe’s brother?
  2. What is the name of the city Ewa travels to in Norway?
  3. What two expensive gifts did Ewa receive from the sheik?


You can submit the answers to me, on my contact page. That way, everyone is not given the answers here 🙂