Drone Image: Two Fjords


EnglishMy talented daughter Line Newermann has captured this image showing the intersection of two fjords (Lysefjorden & Frafjorden). The fjords are so long and the terrain so rugged that you cant drive from one side to another. The Lauvik/Oanes ferry and Lysefjord bridge connects the small towns.

Norwegian2Min datter Line Newermann, har tatt et drone bilde som viser hvor Lysefjorden og Frafjorden møtes. Fjordene er så lange og terrenget så ulendt at det går ikke an å kjøre fra en side til den andre. Lauvik/Oanes ferja og Lysefjordbrua knytter landsbyene sammen.


Drone: 3DR Solo, Kamera: GoPro4Black 4k resolution

10 thoughts on “Drone Image: Two Fjords

    • Hi Sue! WeII, you learn something new every day…I did not know about the fjord in Washington state. For some reason I always “yearn” to live near water. Must be the Viking in me.

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      • I’m quite sure the fjord in Washington is small compared to what is found where you live. But still I love it! I hear you about loving to live near water. I do too! I live near the Columbia river – a huge river – and in a very water laden area (full of rivers, marshes, sounds, ponds etc.!) and I absolutely love it! Perhaps I’m part Viking?? All the best to you – from a fellow water lover!


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