Ewa Lowe: Chapter 5

The chapter below is from the sci-fi, triller book Fear is in the Air by Eva Newermann


Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Family

My mom’s sister Lillian and her husband, Dexter, lived on Galt Ocean Drive, in Fort Lauderdale. Every summer my brother and I spent three weeks at their place swimming and surfing. 

On the first floor of their apartment building there is a cinema, a game room and an indoor swimming pool.

They were quite wealthy as they used to own a chain of restaurants called The Big Bang. You can find these restaurants in all the states and they specialize in chicken dinners.

Below the flashing lights from the Big Bang sign you can read, “Give your taste buds an out-of-this-world experience.”

Lillian used to spend a lot of time in the head office, which was in one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in New York.

Every year there is an Air and Sea Show in Fort Lauderdale. Millions of people attend, from all over the world. The beach, which goes on for miles and miles, is packed with festive people. They bring food, barbecue grills, chairs and parasols. It is the biggest beach party ever.

From Lillian’s penthouse apartment on the 15th floor, we used to have a spectacular view; from there people looked small to us, like ants. 

Lillian and Dexter were hobby astronomers. They had a large telescope on the balcony. We sat for hours in the evenings looking up at the sky. This is where my brother, James, got very interested in everything that had to do with the universe and got him interested in studying astronomy in school. 

Lillian bought us an easel, canvases and a whole box of acrylic paints. James and I had so much fun making huge paintings of planets, stars and moons.

When the Air Show started we would always have the best seats in town. Some of the airplanes were even flying below the balcony. We could almost see the white in the pilot’s eyes! 

There are fantastic acrobatic flight demonstrations with US Air Force jets. Many different airplanes covering the skies, and the US Coast Guard demonstrating air and sea rescue.


I was only seven years old when I was at my first Air and Sea Show. Gazing in awe at all the fantastic planes. The Navy’s Blue Angels, a six-plane flying team, especially dazzled me and everybody else with their fantastic stunts. 

I think it was around that time my love for airplanes started and I decided to become a flight attendant. 



The chapter “Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Family” is from the book “Fear is in the Air” by Eva Newermann. Available on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books


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