Ewa Lowe: Chapter 15

The chapter below is from the sci-fi, triller book Fear is in the Air by Eva Newermann


Casino Fun

Well, I didn’t go to any psychiatrist. If I had, he or she would probably find out what kind of sociopath I am, and tell me I have something called a Brown Chromato Ommeta Phobia or something. The odds are high that he or she would have brown eyes, and I would lie on the couch trying to figure out a cleverer way to do my killings.

No! No psychiatrist for me. Instead, I start going to the casino.

The Seminole Indian Coconut Creek Casino is only a 20-minute drive from my apartment. It was built in the year 2000 and was loaded with more than 1,000 noisy slot machines. 

When you walk through those large glass doors it feels like another world. The only bad thing is, smoking is permitted. When I get home, I always have to jump in the shower and wash my hair and clothes, because everything reeks of tobacco smoke. 

The casino also has Las Vegas-like shows and one of the world’s best buffets. Every day the casino has a drawing for money, expensive cars or a boat. All you have to do is put an entry slip, with your name on it, into the tombola. 

You have to be there in person for the drawing. If you should win you will have to show your driver’s license and Social Security card. 

Today I’ve invited James and Irene for dinner at the casino’s buffet. Before they show up I go to the Customer Service Desk and get my entry slip. After filling it out, I put it into the tombola. The tombola already has hundreds of slips inside. The drawing is at nine in the evening, and the prize is $30,000. 

I’m meeting James and Irene at six o’clock, but it’s only five now, so I have time to hit the slots for an hour. 

When you are a whale (a high roller) like I am, you accumulate points on your casino card. Then you can spend them at the casino’s restaurants. 

The buffet has warm and cold dishes. The dessert table alone is ten meters long. All the baking and cooking are done in the casino’s kitchen, and of course the chefs are the best you can find. 

At the buffet there are five chefs ready to prepare whatever your heart desires.

James and Irene arrive promptly. The hostess seats us and we all get champagne.

When we have gorged ourselves with food and champagne for an hour, I say to them, “Remember when we were talking about christening Lilliana? 

“I think I’ve found a great solution. I want to have a second funeral for Lillian and Dexter at Stonehenge in England. They always wanted to go there and see the gigantic stone monument. That will be like a closure for me, realizing they’re really gone. Then, afterwards we can have a christening for Lilliana. What about calling it a Cosmo Christening and have an astronomer and a priest do the ceremony?”

“What a fantastic idea!” Irene exclaimed.

James is nodding, “Yes, this sounds like the right thing to do. We could charter a plane and invite our closest friends. In fact I have some connections in England who could be helpful.”

“Great,” I say, “I also have connections. I’m e-mailing a company called Fantastic Funerals in England. They are going to help us with many of the arrangements. 

“We should go next June for the Solstice Festival at Stonehenge. The festival is on June 21, so that will give us plenty of time to plan everything.” 

They both nod in agreement.

By now it’s 8:45 in the evening, and they are eager to go back home to Lilliana. This is the first time they have been away from her, but they do have a trusted nanny.

I tell them I’m staying behind for the prize drawing at 9, as I follow them outside. The valet guy gets their Hummer.

I wave goodbye and sit down on a bench outside the front door. The air is humid and warm, not filled with smoke like inside. 

Suddenly the door opens and the guy who runs the tombola comes out, smoking and talking on his cell. He sounds and looks wired up – getting ready for the show, I guess. 

He is carrying a small painting of a young ballerina, knotting her ballerina shoes. 

Ballett Danserinne

Her dress – flying up in the air showing her panties – makes the painting look both cute and sexy. Whoever wins the tombola will also get the painting.

I look at my watch. Three minutes left. He looks at his watch and starts heading for the door. We nearly collide and he gallantly holds the door open for me. 

I look straight into his blue eyes and say, “You be sure to pull out the slip that says Ewa Lowe, now.”

He grins “Yeah, sure thing, in your dreams, baby!” He starts to jog towards the stage, with me on his heels, trailing behind him.

Everybody is gathered around the stage and they all start cheering when he arrives.

“OK, folks, this is it! The prize money is now $30,000.” He puts his hand inside the tombola and stirs digs around and stirs up all the papers, before he takes out one slip from the middle of the pile.

“The lucky winner is….” He stops, goes a little pale, turns around to face me, then yells, “Ewa Lowe!”

“I knew it! I knew it!” I’m jumping up and down. It’s funny how $30,000 that I don’t really need can make me so excited. 

He gives me the ballerina painting and holds it up in the air so everyone can look at it. It is signed Eva Newermann, the same artist Lillian and Dexter liked so much.

When I get my breath back, I grab the mike. “Cowabunga! OK, OK!” I laugh and say, “I’m Ewa Lowe. I’m very happy to win $30,000 and I want to donate it all to the shelters for abused children in Miami.” 

Everybody starts clapping. I continue, “And cowabunga! For you not familiar with that word, it means hello and I’m happy. Let me hear it from you all, cowabunga! Cowabunga!” 

Everybody screams at the top of their lungs, “Cowabunga! Cowabunga!” Now, I’m really worked up. I yell; “And now for my next trick!” I put the painting down, grab an empty beer glass and put it on top of the tombola. 

I take a deep breath and find my high-pitched note. The glass shatters into a thousand bits. All the people are clapping like mad and cheering, except the guy in charge of the tombola; he knows he has to clean up the mess.

Well, what a gaudy night this turned out to be. 

The only thing I was missing was Adam Skai. I sure wish he could have been on the stage with me. Then we could have gone home to my place and done some stargazing while doing some other things on the balcony…



The chapter “Casino Fun” is from the sci-fi, triller book “Fear is in the Air” by Eva Newermann. Available on Amazon Kindle and Apple Books

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