Painting: Sorrow



“Sorrow” is an Acrylic painting by Eva Newermann.

Size: 90×80 cm.


Poem: I Think of You




“Sorrow” acrylic paining by Eva Newermann, Size 80×90 cm.


EnglishMy friend Chuck in USA wrote this beautiful poem that i would like to share with you.

Norwegian2Min venn Chuck i USA har skrevet dette fine diktet som jeg gjerne vil dele med dere.



I think of you

When I greet each dawn.

But, I see the empty pillow

That your head once laid upon.

I think of you

Always there in the background.

Where there should be two,

Only one toothbrush is found.

I think of you

At the table where we dined.

If I talked while I ate,

You said you didn’t mind.

I think of you

Then I start talking, Dear.

But, when I turn around

You are not here.

I think of you

When flowers catch my eye.

That we can’t share their beauty

Nearly makes me cry.

I think of you

When I see that empty bed

That you had shared with me,

Since the day we wed.

I think of you

When I watch the setting sun

Like we did when you were here.

I really miss you, Hon.

I think of you.

May 24, 2019


17th of May!



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NORWAY: Hip, hip, hooraaay for 17 of May!

Our National Holiday. “Syttende Mai” is Norway’s Constitution Day and we celebrate big! The streets will be packed with people dressed in our national costumes (the bunad) Orchestras in all the streets blasting away. Children’s parades from the schools, all waving flags, and the Russ celebrating graduating from College 🇳🇴

Norwegian2Hurra for Syttende Mai! Norges national dag, hvor vi feirer i bunader og fin stasen, med musikk i gatene, barne tog fra alle skoler, hvor alle veiver med flaggene sine. Russen feirer at de er ferdig med videregående 🇳🇴



Norwegian Kransekake



EnglishKransekake is a cake made of almonds, powdered sugar and egg whites. It is a Norwegian and Danish tradition to serve it at weddings, Christmas, and other important holidays and events 🇳🇴

Norwegian2Kransekake er en kake laget av mandler, melis og eggehvite, og er først og fremst en norsk og dansk tradisjon. Den serveres ofte ved høytider og høytidelige anledninger som jul, barnedåp, konfirmasjoner og brylluper 🇳🇴