Poem: I Think of You



“Sorrow” acrylic paining by Eva Newermann, Size 80×90 cm.


EnglishMy friend Chuck in USA wrote this beautiful poem that i would like to share with you.

Norwegian2Min venn Chuck i USA har skrevet dette fine diktet som jeg gjerne vil dele med dere.



I think of you

When I greet each dawn.

But, I see the empty pillow

That your head once laid upon.

I think of you

Always there in the background.

Where there should be two,

Only one toothbrush is found.

I think of you

At the table where we dined.

If I talked while I ate,

You said you didn’t mind.

I think of you

Then I start talking, Dear.

But, when I turn around

You are not here.

I think of you

When flowers catch my eye.

That we can’t share their beauty

Nearly makes me cry.

I think of you

When I see that empty bed

That you had shared with me,

Since the day we wed.

I think of you

When I watch the setting sun

Like we did when you were here.

I really miss you, Hon.

I think of you.

May 24, 2019



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