How to gain followers on WordPress



I didn’t know I would get such a great response on my Follower’s information post.

Some of you asked how it was possible to get so many followers in just three months. So I will try to give a few hints and tips that I think might help.

How to improve your Site:

I did a lot of research on other people’s blogs and set up a list of things that I thought was missing:

About: They didn’t have a picture of themselves. When I “talk” to someone I want to know what they look like.

I also want to know a little bit about them. Like, what Country they are from, or live in. Hobbies, pets, family, food they like… etc.

Of course, it’s up to each one of you to decide how much information you want to share.

Remember to Keep it Short

Many blogs have too much information, and people just don’t have the time to read it all.

Next time I will write about the Contact page.

   – Eva Newermann



2 thoughts on “How to gain followers on WordPress

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  2. Trust me, Eva… you DON’T want to know what I look like. Imagine if Frankenstein’s monster had been in a disfiguring car accident… and then grew a beard to cover it all up…


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